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October 30, 2012
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Overall it had been a peaceful day aboard the going merry, the weather had been stable since the early hours of the morning and the wooden deck of the ship was masked in the glow of the warm summer sun. You never would have guessed that it would very soon become winter but then again, the crew where heading along the grand line, a place where anything is possible and that which is possible becomes impossible. Nami had explained that the calm weather was due to the fast approach of a summer island and since the conditions where stable, she had set a straight course for said island and snuck off to her room for a late afternoon nap. Shortly after, Vivi had too headed off to the girl's room for the same reason, silently agreeing that a nap did sound good, besides, Zoro had been snoring for the majority of the day in his usual place upon deck. Chopper watched in amazement as the self proclaimed 'Captain' Usopp spun webs of lies into his 'marvellous' (and obviously false) stories in front of the tangerine orchard. The reindeer didn't question Usopp's stories, he just loved to hear the humour the sniper threw in with them.

Luffy sat on merry's head, cross legged and apparently bored since he found himself yawning and staring out to sea in a daze, waiting for the next island to appear on the horizon. All he wanted to do was be the first to spot the stupid island, was that too much to ask? His stomach grumbled and the teen blinked before placing his hands on his middle and complaining about how hungry he was to himself. Deciding that Zoro wouldn't wake up and talk to him about 'stuff' anytime soon, he climbed onto the deck and headed for the kitchen. He liked it when Zoro would explain things to him or just make general conversation, he always found that it made his tummy flutter in a nice sensation, yet he didn't know why.

And then there was the chef. Sanji found himself washing dishes in the kitchen in masses, damn their captain could put away food! Sanji sighed, if he had thought to do so sooner, he would have ordered the 'moss head' to help him….But then again, its not like he wanted to endure the awkward silence that would linger between the two when they weren't fighting. Besides, he had hatched a plan that involved that dumbass and having him help in the kitchen would ruin the whole thing. 'I can't believe I'm doing this for him…stupid shitty swordsman.' As the blonde dried the last plate with the towel and went to put it away back in its correct cupboard, the door swung open, hitting the wall violently as the captain ran full pelt into the kitchen.
"SANJI! FOOD!" He yelled. This, of course, was not what the poor chef was expecting and the startled teen almost threw the plate in the air out of complete shock. Regaining himself, he quickly put the plate away and with an annoyed expression, bought his leg up to Luffy's head before making contact and kicking the younger crewmate into the nearest wall.
"WHY THE HELL DID YOU DO THAT!?!" Sanji gritted his teeth, the rubber brained idiot had just made at least 30 plates barren.

Luffy pulled himself up from the ground and dusted himself down, a frown framing his face. "OWCH! I was hungry, I was gonna' ask you to cook me some meat." The poor guy couldn't grasp why his ship's chef wouldn't help him out.
"You just ate. No." The chef simply stated as he fiddled around in his pocket for his cigarettes, already finding himself annoyed with his current situation. Those 'cancer sticks' as Zoro once called them where the only things keeping him calm….and to some extent sane. The raven haired teen pulled his face into a pout.
"But I'm hungry~" He wined. Sanji took a drag of his cigarette whilst Luffy continued to explain that he needed more food due to him being made out of rubber, which Sanji already knew and really couldn't have cared less about at that time, he just wanted to rest. Being up all night on watch in the crows nest, bored as hell, with no company wasn't how anyone let alone Sanji would have wanted to spend their night. He exhaled.
"Luffy…..GET OUT OF MY KITCHEN!" Luffy pouted and frowned as he slumped over and began to take his leave.
"Fine, I'm goin' I'm goin'…." He began mumbling under his breath. Sanji caught ear of some of it.
"What was that?" He yelled out the door.
"Nothing~" Luffy called back in a happy tone before returning to his mumbling when he knew the blonde couldn't hear.

Luffy plonked himself on the decking next to his first mate who, it appeared, was still sleeping. Luffy thought about poking Zoro in the side to wake him up but erased the thought when he remembered what had happened when Usopp had last tried that. The sniper had almost lost half of his nose to the Wado Ichimonji that day. Anyone who didn't personally know Zoro would have been traumatised by the whole situation. Instead Luffy just lay next to him, deciding to wait until he woke up to talk to him. He didn't understand why but there was a connection between the two of them that the captain had never shared with any other member of his crew. Luffy's heart felt like it would beat out of his chest whenever he got close to his friend and he would often find Zoro trying to persuade people to his captain's way of thinking even when it wasn't one of his 'best' ideas. Not to mention, they never felt the awkward silence two people would normally find when alone together. The raven haired boy's cheeks felt warm all of a sudden as he thought of the two of them together.

There was a calming silence between the two of them with the quiet chatter of Usopp and Chopper somewhere above them added too. The peace wasn't meant to last, Luffy's stomach decided that it was being ignored far too long for its liking and let out a low, loud growl of displeasure. Luffy grasped at his middle, hoping to shut the noise up before it woke his sleeping friend up. However to Luffy's embarrassment, the swordsman's eyes shot open and he sat up in place, thumb and fore-finger already on his closest katana. Seeing that there was no threat, Zoro released his sword and rubbed the back of his head.

"Oh, its just you Luffy, thought we where bein' attacked for a minute there." He smiled.
"Zoroooo~" Luffy tackle hugged the older teen and pinned him to the ground so that Luffy was holding Zoro's arms in a tight restraint. Their faces where almost touching at this point.
"What the…!" The swordsman resisted the blush that threatened to stain his cheeks in an annoying pink colour. Though he would never admit it, he felt the same bond as Luffy did between them.
"Luffy get off!"
"Wait! Zoro, you gotta hear me out. Sanji won't let me eat meat!"
"….and this concerns me because?" He raised an eyebrow and pretended to sound annoyed with his captain.
The reply he got was Luffy's stomach growling again, loudly at the mention of the word 'meat.'
As the their faces where so close, Zoro could see the light colour that had dusted the captain's cheeks, to which the older teen began laughing. Luffy turned a darker shade of red. What was going on, it wasn't like him to get embarrassed over such minor things? It had to be because he was with Zoro!
"Hey! Don't laugh at me." He folded his arms across his chest, therefore unpinning Zoro and allowing him to sit up.
"Its funny, now I know what woke me up at least, I….." He paused mid sentence.
Ok…..Now Zoro couldn't hide the faint blush he had on his face because now Luffy was sat on his lap. If only he could admit to himself how cute the seventeen year old looked like that.

Luffy's heart started doing that awkward 'rapidly beating thing again.' Neither boy said anything. Neither one moved. In fact, Zoro saw this as an opportunity to wrap his arms around the captain and pull him in for an unexpected hug.
"Z-Zoro W- mfhhhh." Luffy was cut off as the older teen's hand moved against his mouth.
"We'll sneak into the kitchen later, its no big deal. But we have to wait 'till the shitty cook leaves." Zoro stated calmly, releasing his hand from Luffy's mouth and enjoying the embrace. He half expected Luffy to start complaining that he was hungry again. To the swordsman's shock, Luffy just nestled further into Zoro's muscular chest and he smirked to himself. This kind of embrace was new to Luffy, his heart was beating faster and he could hear the thump of Zoro's going at the same speed behind his head. This was a nice feeling. Choosing to ignore his stomach's protests, Luffy settled himself comfortably in Zoro's arms as the beating of the swordsman's heart began lulling him to sleep. Zoro rested his chin atop of Luffy's head and with a smile, he too fell back into his sleep.

A little while after he had finished cleaning the kitchen, Sanji happened to come across his two crew mates asleep in an entwined hug. Smirking lightly, he took a drag of his cigarette and turned to stare out over the railings at the sea in thought. 'Moss head….You owe me for this' The chef thought to himself laughing lightly so as not to wake the sleeping duo.
Disclaimer: Like I stated in the actual fanfic, I do not own any of the One piece characters nor the actual anime itself.)

This fanfic contains minor swearing and mxm fluff.
For those of you who don't know what fluff is, its mainly cuddling and stuff, non-sexual themes.

And because....why not??? Luffy is adorable and Zoro's my fave, I could just see him looking out for Luffy and protecting him (Although Luffy can hold his own.)
I added Sanji coz' he makes me laugh XD

I know this isn't what I usually post on here but i thought it was cute so yeah, why not post it on this account. Note: I did add male hunger in there for myself and anyone else who likes that sorta thing.

Anyway, helpfull feedback please ~x~
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